A light recyclable cardboard box to  move art .

Make sending and receiving art cheaper and easier. It weighs 75% less than a wooden crate and after the art has arrived the collector can easily recycle the BOX.

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  • 75% lighter

    ...than a wooden crate. Because art shipping is expensive and there are only a handful of bodybuilders in the art community. Keep your art safe and reduce your shipping costs.

  • Zero hassle

    All of our BOXes are easy to open and to recycle. Thanks to our masterfully designed BOXes your clients will spend more time enjoying art and less time dealing with packaging.

  • 100% recyclable

    Our cardboard is FSC certified so you can rest assured that our BOXes are made with sustainable products We only use 100% recycled foam. NO tape, and best of all absolutely NO bubble wrap.

  • 7 day delivery

    We can deliver your BOX anywhere in (continental) Europe within seven days from the date we receive payment.

  • Simple end to end

    The Artproof BOX is easy to ship ensuring a straightforward and quick delivery by couriers.

Our Story

In 2021 we set out to make it as easy as possible to send art using our amazing wooden crates. We quickly recognised that art lovers everywhere do not need or want more wooden crates.

You need something  lighter , something  smaller , and something that does not give your art collectors a crash course in European waste disposal laws.

So that is why have created the Artproof BOX – a cardboard box to keep your art safe and secure. The BOX weighs 75% less than a wooden crate, is easy to stock, easy to send, and most importantly –  easy to recycle .

Built by artproof

Look inside  the BOX 

How to BOX?

  • 1

    Open the BOX

    Our BOXes come with all the protective cushioning you’ll need to keep your art safe. Remove the top pieces to make way for your art.

  • 2

    Place the art piece in the BOX

    Always make sure that your art piece is firmly set in place and does not move around.

  • 3

    Close the BOX

    Put the protective pieces back surrounding the art and close the BOX.

  • 4

    Seal it and ship it

    Seal the box by threading the rope through the holes in the lid. Wrap it around the button on the side.

    Download manual
  • Keep in mind!

    If the art piece is not protected with glass or another protective material, we recommend placing a soft layer (for example rice paper) on the surface of the image for protection, so that the cushions in the box do not scratch the surface of the image.

  • Easy to recycle.

    Each Artproof BOX is made from recyclable honeycomb cardboard and can be easily recycled. Just take it apart, cut to smaller pieces and throw it the nearest recycling bin.

Life of a BOX

  • Make an order

    First, make an order. Our team will confirm the details and in 1-2 days you'll receive an invoice.

  • Produce the BOX

    After receiving your payment, we will produce your BOX.

  • The BOX arrives

    We'll package the order and in 7 days from your payment, you'll receive the BOX.

  • Ship your art

    Fill the BOX with fine art and send it on its way.

  • Recycle the BOX

    Art receiver can easily take the BOX apart and recycle it.

  • Is the BOX as safe as a wooden box?

    In the event of a shock, an Artproof BOX offers even better protection than a wooden crate thanks to its shock-absorbing honeycomb panel structure. Artproof BOX resists short-term moisture in the same way as a wooden package, but this light package is not suitable for exposure to rain for a long time. If the package needs to stay in many warehouses before arriving at its destination, the wooden crate provides better resistance.

    In summary, we can recommend Artproof BOX packaging for transport where the transporter is aware of the movement of delicate items and where there is as little relocation as possible.

    We have tested Artproof BOX by sending glazed images between European countries using TNT and DHL service, and in 99% of cases, the image has arrived undamaged. However, in the case of transport chains with many repositories (trans-shipment), wooden crate is a better solution.

  • How much does the BOX cost?

    You can calculate the price of an Artproof BOX from our price calculator.

  • What are the maximum dimensions that can be sent using the BOX?

    At the moment you can pack artwork with a maximum size of 900 x 1400 mm.

  • Can I put several pictures in one BOX?

    At the moment we offer a solution where you can put a single piece of art in an Artproof BOX. But we are always evolving our design and you never know when a solution shows itself.

Have something special in mind? Feel free to contact us. It is perfectly fine to think outside the BOX.

BOX populi

Many artists and gallerists have already used the BOX and were quite pleased with it.